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dune buggies galore

dune buggy by RTS

dune buggies galore

RTS dune buggys

'member the good ol' days?

Here in California, gasoline was around 40¢/gallon (and a reality check for everyone else: that works out to about 11¢/litre!). Instead of being glued to TV sets, or the Internet, people got outside on the weekends and did fun stuff. A lot of these funseekers back in the '60s and '70s included a dune buggy in their repertoire of leisure toys. These sporty little sand slingers--a sturdy one-piece fiberglass body mated to a VW chassis--are today the icons of a happier, more playful era.

Today you can experience the fun, adventure and just plain southern-California coolness of owning a custom beach car/dune buggy, for vacation, for the weekends, or even for a daily second car for commuting (fun-style) to work.

Wanna have some fun? We have the expertise and the Fun Bodies that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

dune buggies galore

RTS kits
Email or phone us for details and prices for
information on building your own custom dune buggy.

dune buggies for sale

Mid-Travel and Long-Travel suspension setups

Looking for mid- or long-travel suspension?

RTS is the only supplier of mid-travel/wide beam front ends
for balljoint pans! Contact us for details.

If you have more questions not answered here, give us a call!

dune buggies for sale

Repair & restoration of dune buggies

dune buggies for sale

Tops, Seats, Seat Covers, Carpeting

RTS now has an upholstery division that offers tops, seats, seat covers and carpeting for your buggy, hot rod or kit car...(new or repair). Contact us for an estimate to repair, replace or restore your own buggy upholstery.

dune buggies for sale

RTS fabricates cages and bumpers.

Cages with or without custom tops cost extra.

dune buggies for sale

Prices listed of course do not include crating, handling or shipping.
California residents must pay the appropriate state sales tax.

dune buggies for sale

Dooner Schooner
Body Only

dune buggies-body only

What We Charge

We're not a discount mail order house—but we offer you high-quality parts and services at fair, honest prices.

So if you need something not listed here, send us an email and we'll move mountains to locate it for you. If enough customers want something we don't stock, then we'll stock it and save everyone some money... WE PROMISE!

Here is our current price list. We get other items in, and they are posted to this site in time:

  • long car body... $1895
  • short car body... $1795
  • long side pods... $350
  • short side pods... $325
  • dropped seat... $400
  • gelcoated bottom... $300
  • windshield... $235
  • standard buggies: start at $16,000
  • mid-travel buggies: start at $32,000
  • mid-travel rolling chassis: $18,000
  • long-travel buggies: start at $45,000

dune buggies for sale

Cages and bumpers are custom-built to your needs!

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

We hope you enjoy our our website here on KitCar! We'll be adding
more lots more photos and product line information in the near future.

dune buggies for sale

We're Ray and Tom Stout, and we invite you
to give us a call or an email at:

RTS Enterprises
10965 Hartley Rd., Units UVXW
Santee, California 92071
(619) 448-1783
fax: (619) 448-1372
email: rts_ent@cox.net

dune buggies by RTS Enterprises

   If you specify Rush Delivery...
you'll get your Dooner Schooner sooner!

fiberglass dune buggys

dune buggies by RTS Enterprises

Please mention that you discovered us on our KitCar.com website!

dune buggies by RTS Enterprises

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